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Al Aftan


About Naseem AlAftan


AL AFTAN Bureau for land transportation was established In 1947, this Bureau owned five trucks in addition to many hired trucks.
After ten years five Bureaus for AFTAN SONS were established with (25) trucks and one garage in Baghdad.

In 1965 the owned trucks became (50) and activities were started to cover transportation abroad.

In 1972 after AFTAN second generation grew up, bureaus became (15) with same number of garages. The trucks owned by ALAFTAN sons became (150) trucks in 1980.

In 1989 AL-AFTAN COMPANY FOR GENERAL TRANSPORT was established, which owned (250) trucks & machines. Between 1990 and 2002 other transport companies was established as ALRISAFA & AL-NASEEM and number of trucks became (500) plus many supporting equipment and several workshops, in addition to large number of trucks belonged to other companies or hired trucks to operate under ALAFTAN GROUP.
From 1980 to 2005, ALAFTAN GROUP had established and purchased many companies and factories, these companies and factories covered activities of ( Trading & Trade Agencies, construction & contracting, shipping &marine services, Travel & Truism, Soft Drinks, Thermostone & Lime Bricks and last but not least stores and warehouses.