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Al Aftan

Land Transport

Al-Resafa General Transport Co.

Al-Naseem General Transport Co.

Transportation Companies of the group own more than 150 trucks in addition to a number of fuel and water tankers, dump trucks, cement silos, graders, bulldozers, shovels and forklifts.

The Group controls more than 1000 trucks and vehicles and pieces of construction equipment.

Cargo to be transported is: Heavy equipment, General Cargo, Containers, Oil products, Cement& building materials, Fertilizers and Tubes…….etc.
Our company is one of the companies of the Iraqi leader in the field of general transport, and so because of its fleet of trucks and special machinery, as well as our, warehouses, Garages and branches of the company located inside and outside Iraq.

Good reputation in this area allowed the opportunity to continue the work with Iraqi, Arab and foreign companies.