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Al Aftan

Trade Companies

AL-Aftan General Trade Company

West Euphrates General Trade Company

Trade companies or our Group considered a general vendor for the markets, Ministries and private sectors on different types of materials and equipment’s as trucks, vehicles, cars, shovels, graders…and spare parts, construction materials, equipment’s, raw materials, electronic equipment’s, electrical devices, foodstuff and consumer goods.

Rayahean Baghdad Company:

This company was founded in the year 2005 to be the main maintenance workshop in Iraq for Mercedes Co. as partner with Tawfiq Gargur & sons company- Mercedes Agent in Jordan. The company owns the largest maintenance workshop in Iraq, where there is newer electronic testing devices for maintenance of these vehicles. the workshop located on large area and qualified staff trainees for a very long time up-to-date maintenance workshop for trucks outside Iraq and ready to meet the after sale services of trucks imported to Iraq.This company has full support by Mercedes Benz in Germany.